you're asking about me? well there isn't much to say

i like to draw, i like to listen to music, i like to watch anime. Very typical human being things you know. Anything else you'd assume about a neocities user, well it probably applies to me too. I'm a person who very obviously doesn't get out much.

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vocaloid xxxHOLiC persona 3 image archive

shows i like

☆ミ evangelion
☆ミ bungou stray dogs
☆ミ devilman crybaby
☆ミ ouran high school host club
☆ミ great pretender
☆ミ your lie in april
☆ミ death note
☆ミ saiki k
☆ミ fairytail

fav games

☆ミ fire emblem
☆ミ project sekai
☆ミ undertale/deltarune
☆ミ omori
☆ミ danganronpa
☆ミ love live
☆ミ persona series
☆ミ pokemon
☆ミ puyo puyo

music artists,,blah blah blah

this playlist changes almost daily lol

☆ミ siinamota/powapowaP
☆ミ chelmico
☆ミ omori
☆ミ nilfruits/niru kajitsu
☆ミ marina and the diamonds
☆ミ machine girl
☆ミ jin
☆ミ oingo boingo
☆ミ radiohead
☆ミ tomorrow x together


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